Is He Flirting with My Friends? Watch for this main sign!

Updated: Feb 23

I'm gonna try and help you determine whether or not your boyfriend or husband is flirting with your girlfriends or if he is simply just being a friendly guy. If you're ever in a social situation such as a house party or group dinner where other couples and single people are present watch for the following signs. If your boyfriend or husband is friendly with the girl friend of yours that you suspect he is attracted to, that is a good thing. If you notice that he's very friendly and making eye contact with her and especially in front of you - this is a great sign! It's an even better sign if he waives you over and includes you in the conversation. Its even better yet if he puts his arm around you or holds your hand while talking to your girl friend. Being friendly while acknowledging you like this basically shows you he is simply trying to impress your girlfriend because us guys know that your girlfriend's opinion of us is crucial to our survival. If your girlfriends don't like us then it's not going to work out in the end so we want to put our best face forward and become friends with your girl friends. If he's making this effort in front of you without touching her without bringing up sexual topics and while acknowledging you -- that's healthy! Many girls including yourself might get paranoid in such situations and think that he's flirting but as I said - it's quite the opposite. It's a good sign! WATCH FOR THIS SIGN... What you DO want to watch out for (you probably never really thought about this or picked up on it) but if your boyfriend or husband is attracted to one of your girlfriends he's gonna do the opposite of what you think the guy would do! If he is attracted to her, he's going to be overly self-conscious about talking to her or about her. He's going to feel guilty. If he thinks your friend is is hot and likes her, the last thing he wants to do is give away any clues. So, he's going to go out of his way and subconsciously block her out, almost to the point where it's weird and unfriendly. This is the type of red flag if you will notice that throughout the night if he digs your friend. Notice if he's totally avoiding conversations or eye contact with her. Guys and girls are different. When a girl is interested in another guy they tend to block out the main guy that they're with. They will literally flirt in front of their their boyfriend or husband and this could this usually includes touching and over complimenting. Guys like to operate in private if they have a crush on your girl friend they will want to flirt with them but they are not going to do it with you present so this means that when you go to the washroom for example that's when he's going to start talking her up. When you go outside for a smoke or maybe they go outside together for a smoke - that's when they're going to chat it up. If he's going to flirt - he's going to do it behind your back! When you're around he's going to play as if that he doesn't even notice your friend which is the actual giveaway. If he's acting shy and all closed up around her yet when you the leave the room and come back from the washroom for example, you catch him talking to her and when you sit down and their conversation suddenly ends - you have a reason to be concerned. For more helpful tips, check out my website My "Spy Coach Playbook" has useful info that you'll never find anywhere else online.

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